Why Europe needs Reem.

Meet Reem.

Reem is a rock star computer engineer from Cairo, Egypt. After she completed her bachelor, she worked as a software developer for a firm founded by two Egyptian-born expats living in the United States.

Since early age, Reem always had one dream: work and live abroad, preferably in Europe. She applied to jobs in Germany. Many jobs. She received more than 300 rejections, until she stopped counting. She lived off her savings until they nearly depleted. But she persisted. Finally, she had a lucky break through — a recruiter recognized her potential and offered her a job. Reem now lives in Berlin and works as sales developer for a Berlin-based software company. Soon she will get her Blue Card — and be on Germany’s path to permanent residency for highly skilled foreign talent.

Reem is now doing well, but her path to get here was arduous. It should not be. Not everyone is as lucky or persistent — in that case, Germany is losing a talented resource. And not only that: The world is losing out on a great triple win opportunity.